Race Entry – How to bypass “Hang tight”

A “bug” has been noticed by some of people attempting to access the entry form. A message “Hang tight!” appears. If you see this, it’s only affecting the browser on your computer. The problem appears to be in the caching and Sports TG the system provider is working hard to fix the problem, but it’s difficult when you can’t get it to happen on your computer.

The problem can be alleviated via one of the following:

  1. Clear the cache on your browser.
  2. Open an “incognito” window (in Google Chrome), “in private browsing” (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge), “privacy mode” (Opera), “private browsing” (Firefox) or “new private window” (Safari). This is probably preferable to clearing the cache given that no data is removed from your browser.
  3. Use a different browser i.e. if you’re using Chrome, open Microsoft Edge etc.

Apologies to anyone who have been hampered by this issue. Please contact us if you still can’t get the entry form to open.

InPrivate browsing (Internet Exporer, Microsoft Edge)

Incognito window (Google Chrome)