Full Marathon Course 2021-Provisional

To follow the course, run your mouse or finger along the elevation graph below.

Course summary
Starts at the Portobello Recreation Reserve, then turns right to head northeast up the peninsula to Harwood for a loop. Out of Harwood, turn left to go further up the peninsula and turning around at a point in Otakou.
From there head back along the peninsula to the city. The map presents the finish at Forsyth Barr Stadium, However we will not know where the marathon will finish until after the first quarter of this year.

Start at the entrance of the Portobello Recreation Reserve, head down Allans Beach Road, right onto Harrington Point Rd, stay on Harbour side, left into Tidewater Dr, right into Harwood St, left into Kokomuka Ave, right into Stepney Ave, right into Carnock Rd, right into Harwood St, left into Tidewater Dr, left into Harrington Point Rd, turn around at approximately 871 Harington Point Road, back along Harington Point road, stay on Harbour side, carry on to Portobello Rd, stay on Harbour side shared path where available, right onto Portsmouth Dr shared path.
Right by Harbour Molars to Watercooled Sports, right onto Kitchener St cycle lane, onto Birch St cycle lane, right across Harbour Basin, around back of Harbourside Grill, right into Fryatt St cycle lane, cross to right hand side of Wickliffe St at controlled crossing point, right into shared path, left to go under bridge, stay right on Minerva St.
Right onto Anzac Ave footpath. From there the finish will be in the Forsyth Barr Stadium or the Caledonian Ground (tbc)