40th Dunedin Marathon

Welcome to the 40th Dunedin Marathon!


Pricing details in the Race Entry page.

Changes to start times
If you have previously noted start times, please note that we have changed the start times for the half marathon and 10 km events.

Please note that entries made after 26th August will not have the option to purchase a Dunedin Marathon T-Shirt.

This year children will be able to take part in a mini marathon on the morning of the marathon.

Exciting events
We have lots of exciting events on offer including the NZ Half Marathon Championships.:

  • Marathon
  • Half Marathon run and walk
  • 10km run and walk
  • NZ Half Marathon Championships
  • Mini Marathon for children

This year, all events will finish at Forsyth Barr Stadium rather than Port Chalmers.

However, as in all previous years since 1979, the full marathon will start at Harington Point near the Royal Albatross Centre and follow the peninsula to Portsmouth Drive. At the Harbour Mouth Molars the course joins the half marathon and 10 km courses on a path to Otago University. At the edge of the campus, the 10 km course deviates to the finish at Forsyth Barr Stadium. The full and half marathon course then visits the Dunedin Botanic Gardens, Ravensbourne and back along the cycle way to finish at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Course details

There’s something for everyone from the modestly fit to the ultra competitive.

Many people, especially if it’s their first attempt at a long distance, want a keepsake to commemorate their milestone. The answer to their question is “yes, everyone who finishes their event will be presented with a medal.”

The sentence above would seem to be very clear, but we’re still receiving questions regarding medals. Medals will be given to you at the finish of your event. Of course you do need to finish. That includes:

  • Marathon
  • Half marathon run
  • Half marathon walk
  • 10 km run
  • 10 km walk

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  • Marathon (42.2 km)
  • Half Marathon run (21.1 km)
    • NZ Championship Half Marathon
    • Dunedin Half Marathon (all NZ Championship entries will also be entered as part the Dunedin race)
  • Half Marathon Recreational Walk (21.1 km)
  • 10 km run (previous participants will note that this distance has replaced the quarter marathon held in the last few years)
  • 10 km recreational walk

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New Zealand Half Marathon Championships

In 2018, the half marathon will also serve as the New Zealand Half Marathon Championship event.

  • To be eligible for this event you need to be a registered competitive athlete on race day at an athletics and/or harrier club affiliated with Athletics New Zealand. You may put in your entry before the start of the 2018-2019 season, but need to be registered by race day. Please ask your club if you are unsure.
  • If you choose to enter the NZ Half Marathon Championship, you will also be part of the Dunedin Half Marathon event i.e. if you finish, you will have a place in the NZ Championship event as well as the Dunedin event.
  • The results will be split into age categories. Note that live results on the website on race day will not be split into age categories, but the details will show overall placings in this event. Prize giving details tbc.
  • The half marathon is restricted to persons 16 years and over on race day.
  • Prizes – if you receive a prize for the NZ championship, you will not be eligible for a prize in the Dunedin race i.e. no-one will receive more than one prize. (Unless you receive a spot prize).

More things to consider:

  • Marathon (42.2 km) – is and always will be a considerable undertaking that requires an enormous amount of preparation. In 2017, 133 runners completed this iconic distance that consisted of 88 males and 45 females aged between 18 and 76!
  • Half marathon run (21.1 km) – although a considerable distance, the half marathon is suprisingly doable for fitter people who want to take that extra step and is the most popular event. In 2017, 648 runners completed the 21.1 km, with a relatively even split of females (329) and males (319) with a spread of finish times from 1hr 14mins 45secs to 3hrs 48mins 45ecs.
    The Half Marathon is NOT recommended for younger runners unless that runner is very well trained and regularly runs long distances.
  • 10 km is a useful target for those of you who run a bit and want a bit of a challenge. It’s also suitable for younger runners who are keen on running longer distances.
    The 10 km has replaced the quarter marathon which was completed by 274 participants in 2017, consisting of 193 females and 81 males.
  • Half marathon recreational walk – in 2017, 121 completed the walk, including 92 females and 29 males.
    NB: It’s called a “recreational” walk, because there are no official judges checking race walking technique. However, even though it’s recreational, walkers get really annoyed (even angry) when they see other walkers “cheating” using techniques that are running rather than walking and will report you.
    There are also normally one or more real competitive walkers who take this event very seriously.
  • 10km recreational walk has replaced the quarter marathon recreational walk which attracted 169 walkers including 139 females and 30 males in 2017.
    The comments above regarding the half marathon walk also apply to the 10km walk.