Do walkers get a medal?
All participants who finish their event will be given a medal. That includes all runners and walkers. But you do need to finish.

Can a 17 year old experienced distant runner get dispensation to run the marathon?
The age of the competitor on the day of the full marathon must be 18 years or over. This is a fairly standard rule and there are no exceptions.

I have previously run the half marathon, but the rule now says that I’m not old enough. Can I get dispensation to run?
We  have taken the lead of many other marathons and strictly adhere to the rule that the competitor must be 16 years or older on the day to run or walk the half marathon. We appreciate that in the past there have been some very good performances by younger runners but on the other hand there have also been some alarming ones as well.

I’ve been trying to enter but haven’t managed to get pass the first page.
The “Enter Now” page has been set up within an iFrame in the Dunedin Marathon site. There are occasionally compatibility issues. Unfortunately there appears to be no consistent reason why it works for some people but not others. If it’s not working for you, there is a “Red” button at the bottom of the page that will take you directly to the registration site and entering there should go without a hitch.

Where will the toilets be placed on the course.
Toilets can be seen in the course maps. Toilets are generally available near each drinks station which are spaced approximately 5 km apart. Depending on the location the toilets available will either be portaloos or public toilets.

Is the full marathon certified?
Yes the full marathon will be measured by a person certified to measure marathon courses. The half marathon, 10 km and 5 km courses will also be certified. Athletics NZ were particular in ensuring that the course for the NZ Half Marathon Championships is being measured by a qualified technician. However the courses will NOT be AIMS certified.

Why are there different prices for registered competitive runners, non registered runners and NZ Half Marathon Championship runners?
Registered competitive athletes are registered to compete at Athletics NZ events. The Dunedin Marathon is an Athletics NZ event. However, Dunedin Marathon pay a charge to Athletics NZ for each entrant who is not registered as a competitive athlete and therefore the cost to enter the Dunedin Marathon events is slightly higher than for competitive Athletes.
Note that if you are registered as a social athlete, you are only entitled to compete in your club events and therefore will be considered to be non-registered for the Dunedin Marathon events.

Are there any hills in the course?
That depends on what you consider to be a hill. There are certainly some rises but they are relatively short in distance but may be relatively steep depending what you think is steep.

Can I get free entries to run for charity?
We cannot give away free entries, however we will do our best to support you. Please contact us if you are organising a group to run or walk for charity.

Will there be any transport to the start of the events?
All competitors will need to make their own way to Otago Polytechnic, Sargood Centre, 40 Logan Park Drive. Free buses will be provided to take Full Marathon runners to the start.
The start and finish of the other events are still subject to approval. We will update details as soon as approval has been made..

You have a time limit of 5 hours and permission to run the event between 8.00am and 1.00pm. What happens if I take longer than 5 hours?
The slightly longer time limit and changes to start times are to accommodate slower walkers and runners. If you think/know that you won’t finish within the time limit, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Will the drink stations have sports drinks or only water?
At this stage we are planning to have both water and sports drinks provided by Pure Sports Nutrition.

Am I allowed to wear head phones while running or walking?
We recommend for reasons of safety and rhythm that you don’t wear an audio device. However, these devices are not prohibited from any of the Dunedin Marathon events.

Can I change my details if I entered online?
If you need to change something in your entry, please contact us as soon as possible. If you don’t get it sorted now, you might forget to do it.

Can groups of people enter together?
Yes, but the process is a little more complicated in that you need to add people to your account login. If you’re pretty good online you’ll figure it out. If you have any problems, please contact us.

I’ve entered, but I’m now not available that weekend. Can I get a refund?
Sorry, entries are non-refundable. However you may transfer your entry to another person but in events after 2018 there will be a charge (charge tbc). Please contact us if you wish to transfer your entry.

I’ve entered the marathon, but I’ve changed my mind and want to run the half marathon instead. What should I do?
Contact us and we will change your entry for you.
NB: If you’re in the less likely situation where you’ve entered the half marathon and want to run the full marathon, this can also be amended, but we will require an additional payment. Contact us and we’ll make arrangements with you.

Is the half marathon suitable for a wheelchair athlete?
Sorry, most of all the courses (full and half marathon, 10 km) is open and only separated from traffic by use of traffic cones. Therefore there is insufficient space for a wheelchair athlete to safely negotiate any of the courses without the possibility of compromising the safety of themselves and/or runners and walkers.

What time is prize giving and how long will it take?
Prize giving will be at Forsyth Barr Stadium, starting at 1 pm. It’s difficult to know how long it will take.

How do I know if I’ve won a spot prize?
Only participants who stay for prize giving will be eligible for a spot prize. At prize giving you will be asked to tear off a designated section of the your race number to be put into a spot prize draw.