Race Entry

Entry to events in the 2018 Dunedin Marathon will be open soon. Details are due to be finalised in January.

Event Pricing/NZDEarly (until midnight 28/02)Regular 01/03 - midnight 31/08)Late (01/09 - midnight 05/09)Last-minute (Race Pack Pick Up)
Marathon - Registered Athlete$65$70$85$95
NZ Half Marathon Champs$55$60$75$85
Half Marathon Run$60$65$80$90
Half Marathon Run - Registered Athlete$55$60$75$85
Half Marathon Walk$45$50$65$80
Quarter Marathon Run$40$45$55$70
Quarter Marathon Run - Registered Athlete$35$40$50$65
Quarter Marathon Walk$35$40$50$60
  • All online entries will close at the end of the “Late” period (midnight 5th September 2018)
  • Last minute entries can be made in person at the times designated for race pack pick up. However all entries will close at 4pm Saturday 8th September, at closing time, the day before the event.
  • There will be no entries accepted on race day.