Race rules, terms and conditions

Age requirements
Participants are required to have attained the ages as follows:

  1. Full Marathon – Eighteen.
  2. Half Marathon Run and Walk – Sixteen.
  3. Ten Kilometre Run and Walk – Twelve.
  4. Five Kilometre Run and Walk – open to any age but any participant under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult.

Privacy Waiver
The organisers and sponsors reserve the right to use photographs of the participants and the information supplied in the entry forms for the purposes of the promotion and administration of the event at no charge.

Race Rules

  1. Participants must keep to the side of the road unless they are crossing the road at an official crossing point and keep left in single file on the harbour walk/cycle path. Please be considerate of other competitiors at all times.
  2. The following are not permitted
    a. roller skates, skateboards, prams, strollers, bicycles, tricycles, or pets etc
    b. supporters on bicycles, scooters or in vehicles etc, or who are not entered in the event
  3. Participants must display their race number on their front at all times, failure to do so will result in elimination from the race and no recorded result
  4. Runners registered with Athletics New Zealand must wear their club uniform.
  5. Participants in the walking events must not run all or any part of the event.

Failure to abide by the above rules may lead to disqualification.

Use of Listening Devices
The organisers strongly advise participants not to use listening devices for safety reasons.

Course Closure

  1. The course will close at 1pm on Race Day. The course will no longer be supervised after that time.
  2. The organisers will attempt to assist any participants still on the course at this time to the finish line, however it is primarily the participants’ responsibility to make their own arrangements


  1. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  2. Transfers – participants may wish to transfer their entry to
    a. A shorter or longer event (an additional charge to account for the longer event fee will be incurred)
    b. Someone else if for whatever reason the participant can no longer take part
    Requests for transfer can be made by contacting info@dunedinmarathon.co.nz
    NB Transfers after online entries have closed will incur an administration charge.
  3. Participants agree
    a. To abide by the Race Rules
    b.  That they enter at their own risk
    c. To follow the directions of the Race Marshals
    d. That the organisers shall not be held liable for any injury to participants or related persons or any damage to property which occurs before, during or after the event
    e. That the decision of the Race Director will be final, including any matter not provided for above in these rules.
  4. Refund Policy
    a. If the event is cancelled due to COVID or any unforeseen issues all entrants will receive a 75% refund on their entry fee if requested by email however merchandise orders will be fully refunded.
    b. The close-off date for applying for a refund is 30 November 2022.
    c. Any entry not refunded will be transferred to the 2023 Emerson’s Dunedin Marathon at all pricing levels.
    d. In the event of cancellation, all entrants will be contacted by email with instructions regarding refunding.