10 km course

To follow the course, run your mouse or finger along the elevation graph below.
Distances on the map are approximate. All courses will be accurately measured and adjusted prior to race day.

Course summary
Starts in the Caledonian Ground (stadium), heading towards the Forsyth Barr Stadium carpark, under SH88, on roads parallel to the shores of the Otago Harbour, down Portsmouth Drive turning round at the Teviot St junction. Head back the same way but on Wickliffe St head towards the finish at Emerson’s Brewery.

Full course details
Start at the 200m mark at the end of the back straight of Caledonian Ground track. Go clockwise around the track to exit via the southeast gate. Right into Logan Park Dr. Cross Anzac Ave onto the footpath and turn left. Follow the footpath around the Stadium carpark then turn left under SH88 (very tight). Turn right to go over the footbridge. Carry on to the shared path to Wickliffe St then turn left. Cross Fryatt St and turn right to follow the cycle lane south. Turn left in front of the Harbourside Grill (restaurant) to the lower deck of the Harbour Basin. Left into Birch St, follow the cycle lane along Kitchener St and turn left at Watercooled Sports going along the shared path across the grassy area.

5km DRINK STATION on the grass area passed the boat ramp (4.78 km). 5 km – 40 m passed the path junction at the Molars.

Down the shared pathway on Portsmouth Drive, turning around at Teviot St (5.74 km) and onto the coned lane on the road (normally the left hand lane for motorists heading south). Stay in this lane until directed back onto the shared path. Turn right into Kitchener St then cross to the left hand cycle lane that continues onto the cycle lane along Birch St. Where directed cross Birch St and follow along the top level of the Harbour Basin. Go behind the Harbourside Grill (restaurant) and cross to left side of Fryatt St. Continue north along the cycle lane.

8 km DRINK STATION – Corner of Fryatt St and Devon St (8.35 km).

Turn left into Wickliffe St and up the Ward St ramp. At the top of the ramp turn right onto the bridge and right again down the ramp to Anzac Ave. Follow the coned lane along SH88 then right into the Emerson’s Brewery driveway to finish.